Digital Playas: Check out Messi & Ronaldinho in 8-bits

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Has everyone else noticed that the old school video game aesthetic is having a come back? Back in November, both rapper 2 Chainz and Houston Rockets player Dikembe Mutombo were part of ad campaigns that featured them in video games that recalled the Sega and SNES days (check them out here and here respectively).

Now the 8-bit/pixel revolution (or is it a fad?) continues with 8-Bit Football. The site features pixelized portraits of football stars such as Lionel Messi, Aguirre Suarez, Alexandre Pato and more in action. The website is only three months old but is already a huge hit among football fanatics.

“As a Brazilian, football has always been part of my life,” says Matheus, creator of 8-Bit Football. “My father took me to my first match when I was 5 (as children under 5 were not allowed). It was Atlético Mineiro against Grêmio. I slept almost the whole second half.”

Matheus majored in Computer Science and has been a fan of pixel art since the days of LucasArts’ point-and-click games. “They always made nice graphics with limited resources of color and resolution,” he explains. “They were my first source of inspiration for making illustrations.”

He started the site as a hobby but is now creating commissioned pieces by request including a partnership with website A Football Report.