Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancée Believes That His Death Was Not a Suicide

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The Aaron Hernandez story seemed to come to a definitive ending last month, when the former NFL star was found dead in his prison cell in what investigators later ruled was a suicide. However, there are still those who doubt the events that led to his death; among them is Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, Hernandez’s fiancée.

Jenkins-Hernandez sat down for a two-part interview with Dr. Phil, the first of which aired on Monday, in which she shared her uncertainty over the official ruling–that Hernandez had hanged himself from his cell window–while also stating that she first felt the news of his death had been a “hoax,” perpetrated as a cruel trick on her.

Jenkins-Hernandez’s doubts over the ruling stem from the fact that she had spoken to Hernandez on the phone shortly before his death, and that he sounded upbeat and not suicidal. She also expressed a lack of certainty over some of the findings from the investigation, including the allegation that her fiancé had written John 3:16 on both his forehead–in ink–and on the cell wall–in blood. She stated to Dr. Phil that she had never heard Hernandez mention that specific bible verse to her, and that she didn’t think it was one he would have chosen.

Also raising doubts for Jenkins-Hernandez was the fact that his suicide letter “was addressed to Shay, instead of babe or bae,” showing a lack of intimacy that was, according to her, unlike Hernandez. That being said, she did address one part of the letter in the affirmative, saying that Hernandez’s “you’re rich” comment was about their love, and not about any potential assets that she might receive after his passing.

Now that his conviction for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd has been retracted due to his death–a conviction can be overturned in Massachusetts if the accused dies while the ruling is on appeal–Jenkins-Hernandez could receive money and benefits from both the NFL and the New England Patriots.

Hernandez’s fiancée is not the only person to publicly question the official ruling of death by suicide. Hernandez’s lawyer, Jose Baez, also stated that he wanted an investigation into his client’s death.

Dr. Phil’s two-part interview with Jenkins-Hernandez concludes Tuesday night, with the show teasing that it will address the rumors and speculation that Hernandez had had a relationship with a fellow inmate while in prison.