Alex Morgan Identifies With Chicharito, Is a Fan

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Yesterday, the soccer world discovered not one, but two revelations with respect to USWNT forward Alex Morgan’s soccer preferences, both of which have a distinctly Mexican flavor.

Morgan appeared on ESPN Deportes’ talk show Nación ESPN, where she announced that she strongly identifies with lovable Mexican international forward Javier “Chicharito” Hernández. She cited his speed, agility, and knack for scoring despite not always being the most skilled player on the pitch as similarities shared between the two, and highlighted his ability to always “be in the right place at the right time” as well.

Chicharito wasn’t the only one to gain the support of the gold medalist this morning; Morgan also stated that los Xolos de Tijuana had won her over in Liga MX action, thanks in large part to the influence of her husband, Servando Carrasco, who has Mexican roots. She may not follow the league with great fervor, but she said that her husband’s experience living in Tijuana had helped her to realize that having a soccer team “is a lot of positive attention for the city.”