Alex Rodriguez Breaks TV Monitor, Can’t Help But Make a Fool of Himself

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We thought we had seen everything with Alex Rodriguez. The steroids, the scandals, the steroids again, the suspension. The season-long suspension and the well-I-did-cheat-not-one-but-two-times silence. We though we had his story clear: there’s nothing America loves more than a good villain.

Then this season started. We saw the handwritten letter to the fans (he has such neat cursive!). We started hearing how good of a teammate he has been to the younger players. We even saw how good of a guy he was for donating his 3000th hit bonus money to charity (after a settlement with the team he embarrassed, but never mind). We heard the soft-spoken interviews. Maybe there is something America loves more than a villain: a comeback story.

Then everything went south. After the biggest certification for a comeback – a TV contract as a postseason analyst with Fox – we thought the good had prevailed over the bad. So the Fox NFL guys invited him to their pre-game coverage. Then they gave him a football. Then this happened.

Some people just can’t stop themselves from messing everything up. And yes, we’ve heard this one before: