Alexis Sánchez Says He’s As Good As Messi and Ronaldo, the Internet LOLs & LOLs & LOLs

Lead Photo: joshjdss /CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons
joshjdss /CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons
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To compete at an elite level of soccer, you have to have confidence so high that someone on the outside might see it as bordering on delusion. With his latest comments, some may think Alexis Sánchez is teetering over the edge. “I have reached a level where I can compete with great players,” he said, according to the Independent. “I do not feel inferior to anybody. I liken [my qualities] to Messi and Ronaldo. I have the same abilities as them.”

Sánchez is definitely on the short list of best futbolistas in the world, but really, no one is on the level of those two. Year after year, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi compete for the top soccer prize for an individual. As a matter of fact, the two have volleyed the award back and forth for the last six years.

And we mean no shade toward Sánchez. The Arsenal forward won Copa América two straight years – which includes this year’s victory, where he helped deliver a crushing blow to Argentina and Messi. He’s seriously good, and if someone says differently, they’re lying. But comparing himself to two of the greatest players of all time is a bit much. And that’s exactly what Twitter thought. Check out a lot of ? reactions below: