Amanda Serrano vs. Danila Ramos UFC Fight Set to Make History

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When Amanda Serrano and Danila Ramos step into the ring for the undisputed featherweight champion in Orlando on October 27, it won’t be business as usual. That’s because the Serrano vs. Ramos match will make history by becoming the first title fight between women set for 12 three-minute rounds instead of the standard 10 two-minute rounds for women’s fights.

“We have faced a long and hard battle, united as women, to achieve the same pay, respect, and recognition in boxing,” Serrano said. “Together … we will make history and prove to the world once again, how incredible women’s boxing is and that we are just as tough, dynamic, and capable as any man in the ring, if not more so. This is a fight for women everywhere to be treated the same as their male counterparts.”

On social media, Serrano added: “This one is to show the world that anything a man can do, a woman can do. This one is to show we are equal. This one is for boxing.”

DAZN Boxing released a poster for the fight with the word “Women’s” in “Women’s Championship Boxing” marked out with a red X. This, of course, signifies an attempt by DAZN Boxing to begin marketing women’s matches the same as the men’s fights, which are never labeled “Men’s Championship Boxing.”

Serrano, a Puerto Rican fighter, is the heavy favorite against her Brazilian opponent. She is 45-2-1 while Ramos is 12-2. Serrano is coming off a unanimous decision victory last month against Heather Hardy. Ramos won in a split decision last month over Brenda Carabajal.

On Monday, Serrano posted a video on social media holding up a Puerto Rican flag that she carried after her victory last month against Hardy.

“This flag motivates me to be the best athlete I can be, so I can give my island something that they can be proud of,” she said. “This flag is what pushes me to be great.”