Ángel Di María Threw Some Shade at Real Madrid This Week

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Damn. Ángel Di María threw some shade in a recent interview for BeIn Sports, but the truth of the matter is that he was probably right on all accounts.

To start, he called out Real Madrid for not having won anything since he left, which is (to my great sadness) very true: “Madrid hasn’t won anything since I left, so I think I left at the best time.”

In terms of his actual departure? “After winning la Décima, in my head I thought I’d stay at Madrid for many more years,” he said. “But those are things of soccer.” I’m looking at you, Florentino. ?

This one really hit me hard. When asked about the fans, Di María said that madridistas are “very demanding.” “[Madrid] have won a lot, so their fans are used to winning. Here [at PSG], the fans are more affectionate.” Did you not feel my love and affection at the Santiago Bernabéu, Angelito? Would it help if I told you that my first Real Madrid memorabilia was a knockoff jersey that read “Di María” on the back? Come on man.

You know, Di María probably did leave at the best time. And while these comments hurt a little, as a madridista I feel that I can only really be happy for the man, as he continues to find great success in his new gig at Paris Saint-Germain. You’ll always have a place in my heart, dear friend.