Bad Bunny Set for Tag Team Match at WrestleMania After Multimillion Sports Car Vandalized

Lead Photo: Photo Courtesy of WWE
Photo Courtesy of WWE
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John Travolta said it best in the 1994 film Pulp Fiction: “Don’t f–k with another man’s vehicle. It’s just against the rules.”

Unfortunately, wrestling villains The Miz and John Morrison didn’t get the memo during Monday Night Raw (April 5) and vandalized Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny’s $3.6 million white Bugatti by putting red paint all over it.

Bad Bunny had joined the WWE ranks recently and his storyline includes going head-to-head with his nemesis, The Miz. When Bad Bunny went backstage to check on his car and saw the graffiti all over it, he was shocked and angry. As he stood there looking at his ride, The Miz and Morrison ambushed him from behind with several blows to the head.

“I don’t respect your music, I don’t respect your car, and I don’t respect you,” The Miz tells Bad Bunny after dragging him across the floor by his hair.

The Miz and Bad Bunny were initially supposed to fight in a singles match during the first night at WrestleMania 37, April 10, but after the incident Monday night and after Bad Bunny and Damian Priest challenged The Miz and Morrison, the WWE changed it to a tag team match: The Miz and Morrison vs. Bad Bunny and Priest.

A longtime professional wrestling fan, Bad Bunny made his debut with the WWE during the 2021 Royal Rumble where he performed his song “Booker T.” He won the 24/7 WWE Championship in February and held the title for 28 days, the fourth longest reign in WWE history. Then, Bad Bunny handed off the title to wrestler R-Truth in exchange for some Stone Cold Steve Austin memorabilia.