The Ballon d’Or Twitter Emoji Game is On Point

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We’re six days away from the big reveal (the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala takes place on January 11) and the excitement is growing. But let’s be real – could we really hype up the big night without a strong emoji game to back up our opinionated but generally flawless prediction tweets? Clearly not.

Thankfully, we’re in luck: #BallondOr emojis, fam.


Some have taken it upon themselves to come up with more creative emoji combos …

While others have chosen to highlight how epicly awesome it is that the female finalists are getting credit where credit is due with emojis of their own: #CarliLloyd #AyaMiyama #CeliaSasic

With that said, the lack of quality #FIFAGate emojis is a major missed opportunity. Can we convert this runner dude ? into Sepp Blatter? Maybe throw some fake ?? in there just for fun? ????? All of the money?! How about a Chuck Blazer face plus an additional dozen or so cats? Loretta Lynch in a superhero cape? The possibilities are endless. Can we find a way to include all of these corrupt FIFA suckers? Yes, I’m talking the 16 Latin American officials indicted last month too.

Give us your best ideas in the comments, let’s get this thing going!