Brazil May Institute a Day of Reflection to Look Back on Historic Defeat Against Germany

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7-1. Brazil vs. Germany. We all remember it. Some of us probably want to forget.

But in a strange turn of events, Brazilian politicians are actually calling for July 8 to be a national holiday, in order to commemorate the 7-1 defeat that the Canarinha received at the mighty hands of German fútbol hegemony at the Estadio Mineirão.

Jota Silva, a city council member of Campinas, São Paulo, proposed the idea under the name Día del gol de Alemania. If accepted, it will be referred to as the Día de la reflexión. “No se trata de una fecha para celebrar, sino para no olvidar el día más negro de la historia del fútbol brasileño,” Silva said to Clarin. Think about what you did, guys. Remember your historic humiliation. Remember it and repent every. single. year.

Fútbol is a beautiful, sometimes completely irrational and insane thing, isn’t it? What other sport could possibly cause this much collective agony and affliction, leading local politicians to designate a day of reflection about their national team’s development?