Brazilians Rule At Soccer So Much Even Boy With No Feet Is Awesome At It

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

Okay, first things first: apparently it is possible to be born without feet. Did people know about this? I definitely didn’t know about this. How does it happen? If you type “no feet” into WebMD nothing useful comes up. I NEED ANSWERS HELP.

Anyway, for reasons that are never made clear in this Telegraph article, this 11 year old Brazilian boy was born without feet. But did he let his lack of appendages stop him from becoming one of the top soccer players at his school? HE CERTAINLY DID NOT. He’s so good, in fact, that he was invited to join FC Barcelona‘s renowned summer training camp for soccer, and was also invited to meet his hero Lionel Messi next month. Maybe he’ll be the next big Barça player…

[insert-video youtube=GUimOZONxfM]