Bruno, the Brazilian Goalkeeper Convicted of Murdering His Ex-Girlfriend, Is Headed Back to Prison

Lead Photo: Photo by Chalabala/ Getty Images
Photo by Chalabala/ Getty Images
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In a reversal from his release and subsequent signing by a second division club, Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes de Souza is headed back to prison. The goalie, who goes by Bruno professionally, had served 4 of his sentenced 22 years for his role in the 2010 kidnapping, torture, and murder of his ex-girlfriend, Eliza Samudio when he was released last month due to a loophole in Brazil’s laws; his lawyers argued successfully that the court system had been too slow to listen to his appeal.

On Tuesday, however, the Brazilian Supreme Court overturned the injunction from the goalkeeper’s lawyers, sending him back to prison. The ruling came after the country’s chief prosecutor, Rodrigo Janot, was contacted by the family of the victim, saying that Bruno’s release put their lives at risk.

The goalkeeper voluntarily presented himself to the police in the municipality of Varginha, but he was not admitted back into custody due to a missing arrest warrant. Speaking to Brazilian outlet Globoesporte, his lawyer, Lucio Adolfo, stated that “[Bruno] presented himself but, since the arrest warrant had not arrived, he promised to present himself [Wednesday] and he will do so with me.”

After his release from prison in March, Bruno was immediately signed by second division side Boa Esporte, who came under heavy critcism for the decision, especially from women’s rights groups in Brazil. The club lost five of their main sponsors due to the decision, although they did have the support of some fans in Brazil, who felt that the player deserved a chance to re-enter society following his time in prison.

Prior to Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling, Bruno played five games for Boa Esporte in Brazil’s Serie B.