‘Don’t Talk About My Mother’: Canelo Álvarez & Caleb Plant Scuffle at Press Conference

Lead Photo: Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.
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Things got heated between boxers Canelo Álvarez and Caleb Plant during a news conference Tuesday, September 21, and it left Plant with a noticeable gash under his right eye.

During the press event, Álvarez and Plant, who fight on November 6 for the super middleweight championship, stood face-to-face as most boxers do before a big fight. And like many boxers, some of them start trash-talking or try to intimidate their opponent while they square off in front of the cameras.

However, the problem this time is that Álvarez says he didn’t like what was coming out of Plant’s mouth – so he pushed him hard in the chest, which knocked Plant back a few feet.

The reason for the push? Álvarez tweeted that Plant said something about his mother. “Don’t talk about my mom,” Álvarez posted.

Once Plant regained his balance, he walked back towards Álvarez and took an open-handed swing at his face, which hit him on the side of the head, although at first glance, it looked as if Álvarez dodged the strike.

Álvarez countered with his own hits on Plant, one of which apparently landed under his right eye.

Teams from both corners managed to separate the two after the quick brawl. While some viewers might say the drama is all planned to hype up the fight and get more Pay-Per-View purchases, it genuinely seems like the two don’t like each other.

It turns out Plant called Álvarez a “motherf—–,” which isn’t exactly supposed to be taken as a literal translation. Nevertheless, the exchange between the two fighters will likely add fuel to the fire when they meet in the ring in a couple of weeks.