MMA Fighter Carla Esparza Raises Awareness for Ecuador Earthquake After UFC Victory

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Following her UFC 97 win against Juliana Lima on Saturday, MMA fighter Carla Esparza is using her platform to bring more attention to Ecuador after a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the country’s northwestern coast. To date, the natural disaster has killed more than 650, injured 12,500, and destroyed 7,000 buildings.

So just as she did on January 5, 2015, she once again celebrated her victory with a $1,000 purchase. In 2015, she went for the Golden Opulence ice cream sundae, but this time, she donated that $1,000 to help the people of Ecuador. “I am posting this not for praise,” she said, “but just to raise an awareness for the people suffering in Ecuador. (I did my research of different foundations and wanted to  make sure that the money was actually going to the people. The Brother’s Brother Foundation is accredited by the BBB. Listed by Forbes in its ’50 largest charities for 2015 list,’ rated as having 100 percent fundraising efficiency effort. Check them out”

The donation from the part-Ecuadorean fighter – and others – certainly comes at a necessary time. Last week, President Rafael Correa estimated between $2 billion and $3 billion worth of damage. According to Reuters, Correa said that the country will temporarily raise taxes and may issue new bonds to pay for reconstruction. Ecuadoreans are also expected to contribute one day of salary.

Here are other organizations you can donate to.