Karma is a Bitch for David Moyes: Carlos Vela Gets the Coach Who Humiliated Chicharito Fired

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English newspaper IB Times reports that Real Sociedad forward Carlos Vela may have been involved in the recent dismissal of David Moyes, the Basque side’s manager. If what the article claims is true, one cannot help but think that karma is a bitch, because just as Vela did to Moyes, Moyes did to Chicharito.

When Alex Ferguson retired as Manchester United’s manager after 26 years, former Everton coach David Moyes took over the position in 2013. The man from Scotland was supposed to replace his fellow countryman Ferguson for many years at United, but it simply didn’t work out. After only one season, and despite having signed for six years, Moyes was fired, but by this time Chicharito was long gone from United, as Moyes had made it clear the Mexican would not be part of his team.

Moyes arrived at Real Sociedad mid-season one year ago, and before he could order his first tapa in Spanish, the Scot is already leaving. Real Sociedad players apparently never liked Moyes, and the fact that he decided to live in a 5-star hotel instead of an apartment and never cared to learn Spanish didn’t help the situation.

Poor performance was undoubtedly what got Moyes sacked from La Real, but it’s how they got to this point that’s interesting. Apparently, Moyes lost the dressing room. The relationship between the manager and players was non-existent, especially with Carlos Vela. Vela tried to make a summer move to the San Jose Earthquakes, but the club’s president did not allow it. Before this season, Vela scored 51 goals in 132 games; that’s more than one goal every three games. This current season, Vela has scored two goals in 12 games; that’s one every six matches. After not being allowed to change teams, Vela simply stopped playing well, and ironically, Moyes depended heavily on him.