It Looks Like Carlos Vela Will Be Stateside in the MLS Sooner Rather Than Later

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During the last European soccer transfer window, rumors surfaced that Real Sociedad forward Carlos Vela wanted to make a move stateside to join the San Jose Earthquakes of MLS. While nothing came of the reports at the time, all signs point to the Mexican crack making his massive MLS move this summer.

It’s simple: Vela’s heart just isn’t in it at Real Sociedad anymore. It’s a painful reality for a player who was really starting to find some momentum at the beginning of the calendar year.

Less than two weeks ago, Vela missed a training session after attending a concert in Madrid. Initial speculation predicted that he would be punished by his club and subsequently left out of the squad, but manager Eusebio Sacristán told ESPN that “everything is settled. We talked, he showed remorse, and he is once again a part of the team. Only he knows what will happen at the end of the season. There have been talks about his desire to migrate to the MLS, and there is suspicion that he is moving again with that objective.” His words make it clear that the club has made peace with losing its star next season, choosing to focus efforts on getting the most out of him while he’s still in Spain rather than sulking in despair.

Despite being arguably one of the best players in the history of Mexican fútbol, Vela doesn’t appear to have the thirst for leaving a legacy and making history in Europe that some of his compatriots possess, Javier “Chicharito” Hernández being one such example. It’s been reported that Vela is in constant contact with Giovani dos Santos who made a very profitable move to the U.S. last year. He wants this deal done.

We’re all well aware of just how eager and willing the MLS is to welcome big stars. It looks like Vela might be next in line on an ever-growing list of world fútbol cracks coming to the U.S. Although some fans will definitely be disappointed to see him go the Quakes’ faithful (who have MLS negotiation preferences) will no doubt be thrilled.