This Catalan TV Station Got Caught Photoshopping Cristiano Ronaldo’s Abs Into Flabs

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has amazing abs, and we all know this because he finds any possible opportunity to take his shirt off. People may debate endlessly about his ego, his skills on the pitch, or even his dating life, but one thing remains indisputably true: the man could grate cheese on his stomach.

Which is why it was pretty LOL when a Catalan television station called TV3 tried to convince everyone Ronaldo is rocking a Leo DiCaprio-style dad bod. In a segment that argued Ronaldo doesn’t deserve a Ballon D’Or despite leading his team to a win at the Euros, TV3 snuck in a sus photoshopped image of his fabled stomach that depicted a much…fluffier midsection than we’re used to seeing (not to mention a virtually missing belly button). In sum, this photoshop was as ab-solutely terrible as the shitty ab pun we just made.

Of course, Real Madrid TV (RMTV) noticed this right away, and wasted no time trolling TV3, displaying the actual picture of Ronaldo’s impeccable abs, and making sure to also rebut the Catalan station’s assertions about they player’s performance.

They say all is fair in love and war, but when it comes to hating on Ronaldo, the abs are off limits y’all.