There Was a Clear Winner in the Cavani vs. Navas Battle, and Twitter Noticed

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The most interesting game (on paper, at least) of today’s Champions League matches was undoubtedly Real Madrid vs. Paris Saint-Germain. It goes without saying that the world was watching and nothing went unnoticed. Despite being one of the best forwards in the world, PSG player Edinson Cavani had a few misses in the game. His team lost 1-0, and obviously, in the unforgiving world of Twitter, people were talking.

Although mockery is natural in these situations, some people tend to exaggerate the facts.

Let’s not forget Cavani can also do this.

And this.

They say that for every big triumph, a little luck is always necessary. Cavani’s misses also meant that Keylor Navas became the goalie with the most minutes without receiving a goal in a Champions League debut season. Even more exciting is the fact that his clean sheet record continues, and the Costa Rican has the opportunity to become the first goalie in Champions League history to not receive a goal in group stage. In fact, the Tico is breaking records all over the place.

This is definitely not the biggest frustration Cavani has suffered in the hands of Navas. Just a year ago, Costa Rica defeated Uruguay in the World Cup, and that was definitely more painful.