According to His Agent, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich Are All Carefully Eyeing Chicharito

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Ever since he started his goalscoring frenzy a couple weeks ago, rumors of Chicharito’s move from Bayer Leverkusen have been swirling.

Yesterday, Javier Hernández’s agent stated that big European clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich are eyeing Chicharito for the next transfer window, which will open in the summer.

“I was in Germany in January. I had a talk with the athletic department of [Bayer] and we asked: ‘You’ve received phone calls?’ [I said,] ‘Yes, me too,’” Eduardo Hernandez told Mexican media during a press conference.

Chicharito has a contract with Bayer, and according to Eduardo, it will not be broken simply because another club comes calling. “We made a deal that there would be no change during the winter transfer market,” he explained.

“Obviously, Javier’s profile has risen, like [his performance in] the 2010-2011 [season], but I don’t like to speculate,” Eduardo added.

With a record of 22 goals scored, an immediate move after the best season of Chicharito’s career might be obvious for his agent, but the question remains whether it would be good for the Mexican forward, who has regained his confidence with the trust and playing time given to him by Bayer Leverkusen’s coach Roger Schmidt.