Down to the Wire, Chicharito Faces a Tough Choice: Copa Centenario or the Olympics?

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Javier “Chicharito” Hernández has a decision to make: Copa Centenario or Rio 2016? It’s not entirely up to him, of course; Olympics participation is primarily targeted towards U-23 players, but each nation is allowed three over-age internationals and Chichadios could be a tempting choice with 40 goals in 74 caps to his name. Given the Mexican forward’s fine run of recent form, it makes sense that his club is a little wary of an overly active summer “break.”

Bayer Leverkusen sporting director Jonas Bolt told ESPN Deportes “it would be ideal if Chicharito played in one of the two events, but not both.” One would imagine the Centenario – set to be played in the U.S. from June 3 to 26 – to be Chicharito’s likely choice, as it’s sure to be a massive, historic, can’t-miss event. Not to mention the type of reception he’ll inevitably receive close to home (check out how he’s been greeted at the Florida Cup in Orlando if you need an example):

“We always wanted Chicharito on our side,” Bolt continued. “I was able to watch him with Chivas de Guadalajara and then with Manchester United and Real Madrid. He’s a good player, good technique; he is a position player and makes his teammates look good.”

Yesterday, Chicharo and co. defeated Independiente de Santa Fe 1-0 in their first Florida Cup match. The lovable hero featured for 45 minutes.