In Florida, Chicharito Keeps it Humble: “I’m Just One More Player”

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In the latest edition of Chicharito Might Be the Greatest Guy to Ever Live, the Mexican international opened up and put his admirable humility on full display in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel during a press tour for the Florida Cup. When asked how tough it must be to be the face of both the Mexican national team and Leverkusen, he assertively stated that he is “just one more player.”

“The press or the fans can put those adjectives to you, but for me I am just one more player, one more person to play for Leverkusen who tries to do his best for the team, to get the objectives that we have wanted since the beginning of the season…For me it’s the same, because when I go to the pitch, I am just a normal footballer. I try to do my best at what I love most.”

Chicharito even attributed his own personal success and goal-scoring magic to the total combined efforts of his teammates. “It’s because of the team. I always say this is not an individual sport, this is a group sport,” he explained. “It’s a consequence of all the effort and the way the team plays that sometimes you can score a lot of goals or sometimes you can assist or sometimes you can do a lot more things to contribute to the team not only in goals.”

He also expressed his feelings with regards to fútbol form, stating that his rough time in Manchester and Madrid was a result of a lack of opportunity rather than a lack of confidence. The “rhythm” that comes from playing consistent minutes in almost all of your club’s games is what he needed, said the star. “Because people sometimes think the confidence is with goals, but I don’t think like that. I think confidence is to play day-by-day to get rhythm. The goals are a consequence…It doesn’t matter if you score or not, you need to play football.”

Wow. What a guy. Could he get any more lovable? Wait, I think he just did: Chichadios’ family is currently in Florida watching him train.