Chicharito Scores Best Goal of Leverkusen According the Bundesliga

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#Chichadios is ?. Not only is he ?, he’s currently on ?. There’s simply no denying it. Our dude Javier “Chicharito” Hernández has been playing out of his damn mind this season, so it’s only fitting that the Bundesliga pick his second strike in a hat trick effort vs. Borussia Monchengladbach as Bayer Leverkusen’s goal of the season so far.

That’s right fam – goal ?of?the?season. Commence the most recent edition of #MartesDeChicharito!

As you are hopefully already aware, our #ChicharitoBallondOr campaign is well underway. So much so – in fact – that even ESPN FC’s Andrea Canales has joined in on the fun, making her case for why Chicharito is Mexico’s player of the year.

“The person who can consistently put the ball in the net is a wizard of the highest order in a game where the outcome is based on that metric,” Canales writes. A wizard. Can you think of a more fitting word to describe the loveable crack? The legacy of goals that Chicharito leaves in 2015, she goes on to say, is “the magic of a goalscorer to win hearts and minds and remind the world that top talent can be hidden in plain sight.”

Thankfully for us, Chichadios’ goal-scoring prowess has been prominently put on display week in and week out for Leverkusen. Just check out his stunning goal of the season for one example of many; he receives the ball at the top of the box, pulls a graceful turn that looks all too easy / is almost too satisfying on the eye, and blasts a beauty into the lower right corner. ??? A sight for sore eyes if I’ve ever seen one.