Bayer Leverkusen Gives Chicharito a Majestic Super Saiyan Makeover

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The countdown to the beginning of European domestic league action has commenced. All European teams prepare for the season with friendly matches. Drawing fans to such games is not only a challenge, but also an obligation for the most important teams. The way is to go is being creative.

That’s what Bayer Leverkusen just did – they even went retro. On their Spanish-language Facebook page and Twitter, they turned Javier “Chicharito” Hernández into a Super Saiyan, reminding us of childhoods spent in front of the TV watching Dragon Ball Z.

The photo was posted with the following message: “All living creatures of this planet, the Sun and the Stars, and the lucky dog…Give us your good energy! We’re going for the win against Porto!” Some fans loved the image so much they even created a Chicharito-Saiyan character for a Mario Bross parody.

Mexican Bayer fans created the lucky dog tradition last season, after an improbable 3-3 draw. On social media, the team recognized what’s obvious to all of us: with the help of the lucky dog, nicknamed “El Chido,” nothing is impossible. It also helps to have Chicharito on the field, of course.