Chicharito’s Warning To Manchester United: “You Will Not Find the New Sir Alex Ferguson”

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Today in outlandish news: Javier “Chicharito” Hernández warns his old Manchester United pals that they “will not find the new Sir Alex Ferguson in the next 50 or 100 years.” Right then.

“He was unique. He was special,” Chicharito told Sky Sports earlier this week.

Then, in the latest episode of Chicharito Might Be the Greatest Guy to Ever Live, Chicharito went on to praise the guy who booted him from the squad: Louis van Gaal (remember, this isn’t the first time). “Van Gaal is a really good manager to be honest. He has his own ways like all the managers in the world.”

Unfortunately for van Gaal, “really good” might not be good enough; his Red Devils currently sit fifth in the Premier League – five points off the top four and UEFA Champions League contention – with an FA Cup semifinal to be played this Saturday against Everton. They’ve only managed to net 40 goals in 33 league games (this compared to Chichadios’ 16 in 25).

It’s safe to say van Gaal’s position is precarious, living life on the extreme edge (and soon in José Mourinho’s shadows?).