Chile’s National Anthem Is Interrupted by Pitbull at Copa América Centenario

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If you look at things positively, you could say that at least Copa América Centenario has managed to make it through 75 percent of the national anthems without offending someone. But if you’re Uruguay and Chile, then you know the tournament did you wrong. Following Sunday’s goof during the Mexico-Uruguay game, where the Chilean anthem played in place of La Celeste’s, the Chilean team also couldn’t get their anthem properly played. In today’s game against Argentina, the Chilean national anthem ended prematurely to make way for Pitbull.

However, fans refused to let them get away with it, and finished the song a cappella, as Pitbull’s voice awkwardly interrupted. Perhaps Mr. Worldwide’s song paid tribute to Chile’s Gary Medel, aka Pitbull, but probably not. Check out some reactions below: