Chile’s Bad Boy King Arturo Vidal Has Done It Again

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We’ve been following Chile’s Bad Boy King Arturo Vidal for quite some time now. Perhaps you’ll recall recent photos of him celebrating Oktoberfest in traditional Bavarian garb with Bayern buds with great fondness.

The Chilean superstar is no stranger to controversy, and once again, he finds himself in the middle of a sticky situation. After apparently arriving at training camp under the influence of alcohol, he has since been asked by Chile’s coach Jorge Sampaoli to take a leave of absence from national team duty and return to Bayern Munich (You had one chance after crashing your red Ferrari, Arturo!). Originally, it was believed that this decision was made in light of Vidal’s seven-year-old son’s health issues, with the player himself insisting his return to Germany was exclusively for personal reasons. While his son’s operation is surely a factor, we are pretty positive that this is not the whole story.

In case we needed extra assurance that Vidal was back at it, El Mercurio published pretty extensive reports on his trip to the casino and the events behind his absence. When will he learn?