Watch Chivas Players Protect a Fan From Being Yanked Off the Field by a US Security Guard

Lead Photo: Photo is licensed under the CC BY 2.0 license.
Photo is licensed under the CC BY 2.0 license.
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We have all contemplated it, but most of us have never done it: run on to the soccer field to salute your personal hero. You can get arrested, charged, banned from future games, or worse, get punched by stewards, security guards, police, and – worst case scenario – even a player.

There is a certain art to running across a field in front of thousands of spectators. It takes nerves and a daredevil approach, though this author can only assume, because he has no expertise in the field. This weekend, it happened again at friendly match between Chivas Guadalajara and Leon.

A female ‘Rojiblanca’ fan was desperate for a photo with Carlos Salcido, one of the most decorated players in Mexican football history. Salcido seemed unfazed and graciously agreed. It should have ended there – mission accomplished, a photo for the archives and a story to tell your grandchildren. Instead, one heavy-handed security guard in the stadium decided otherwise.

He abruptly wanted to escort the innocent and bona fide fan away, shielding the player from her dangerous presence. It didn’t go unnoticed; defender Hedgardo Marín and trainer Guido Bonini intervened, telling the security guard, a seemingly gruff man, to let the fan go. Her admiration for Salcido was clear for all to see.

The security guard didn’t relent, however, and instead tried to shove her towards the touchline and presumably out of the stadium. Thankfully, the players and coaches for Chivas helped escort her off the field in a calmer fashion, while the guard yelled at a coach for allowing her to escape without being manhandled. It was a brusk and unnecessary action, proving once again that a pitch invasion is always at your own peril.