Chivas Sells More Jerseys Than Any Other Club Team Across the Americas

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While Chivas de Guadalajara have had an up-and-down year in the table, from being involved in the Mexican fight against relegation in the disputed Liguilla until last week, their popularity has remained sky high.

The only club in Mexico to exclusively field Mexican players is the club team that sells the most soccer jerseys in North, South, and Central America.

According to sports marketing agency Euroamericas, Chivas, which celebrates its 110th anniversary in 2016, sold 2,300,000 jerseys last year, topping popular teams like Brazil’s Flamengo and Argentina’s Boca Juniors.

LA Galaxy, Club América, and Monterrey also made the top ten list:

1. Guadalajara (Mexico) 2,345,000

2. Flamengo (Brazil) 2,133,122

3. Boca Juniors (Argentina) 1,977,890

4. Corinthians (Brazil) 1,971,789

5. Palmeiras (Brazil) 1,865,435

6. Club América (Mexico) 1,768,908

7. River Plate (Argentina) 1,567,900

8. Inter de Porto Alegre (Brazil) 1.523.990

9. Monterrey (Mexico) 1,498,000

10. Los Angeles Galaxy (United States) 1,311,090

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