Choose which CA Street Soccer Player Gets to be a Pepsi All Star

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Our friends at Pepsi, have always been very supportive of fútbol, but their Clásico de Calle in California kind of took the cake. Touring around California, Pepsi held tryout to find the best street soccer players out there, and is putting together a team of All Stars. They’ve put the power to finish out the lineup in the hands of the fans.

Four winners were chosen by official MLS representatives to make the Team: Two winners were chosen out of Southern California (Bakersfield, San Diego and Los Angeles) and two winners were chosen out of Northern California (Fresno and San Jose).

Now YOU have the power to decide who makes the 5th and final spot on the 2012 Pepsi Calle All-Star Team! VOTE NOW for who you think has the best Street Soccer skills and Pepsi Swag to make the Team!


The winner of the 2012 Clasico de Calle People’s Choice Award will join the other 4 Clasico de Calle winners in Philly for the MLS All Star Game and will be announced to the world as the Pepsi Clasico De Calle all Star team during Halftime.

So all around a dream come true for any true street soccer aficcionado. Here are the videos of the three finalists. Go here to vote on which one rocks your socks.

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