Soccer Legend Carlos Valderrama Stars in a Movie About a Magical River That Helps You Grow Hair

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Twitter: @afroxander

The Colombian midfielder, Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama, would be a great football star even if he’d never been born with that bright yellow afro of his. However, that infamous hair has given Valderrama a number of other opportunities he wouldn’t have had otherwise, such as a starring role in the Argentine comedy Por Un Puñado De Pelos.

Directed by Néstor Montalbano, it follows a young millionaire, Tuti Turman, who has everything money can buy — except a full head of hair. He soon learns of a river with magic water that helps people sprout a whole new mane after bathing in it.

Tuti tries out the water, gets the hair he’s always wanted and decides to make a fortune from the magical liquid. Standing in his way, however, is El Pibe who also happens to be the mayor of the town. How appropriate! His real-life wife Elvira Redondo also stars in the film as his movie wife. Inception’d!!

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Por Un Puñado De Pelos premiered in Argentina last year and will debut in Pibe’s home country of Colombia on September 18.