Controversial Opinion: Tim Howard is the New Memo Ochoa

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

Isn’t it fun calling things the new other things? Orange is the New Black. Caftan Body-ready is the new Bikini Body-ready. Watching animal YouTube videos is the new therapy.

In that vein, we are going to make a comparison that will likely annoy people, given the historied rivalry between Mexico and USA teams: Tim Howard is the new Memo Ochoa. Ok, maybe not, because Howard let two in. But he DID break the record for most saves in a World Cup game since 1966 (14 saves!), and this USA vs BEL game gave us serious deja vu — to a few weeks ago when Memo Ochoa was the only thing standing between Brazil’s victory over Mexico. And judging from the tweets flooding my timeline, Howard’s about to be as big of a hometown hero as Memo has become in Mexico. Especially since I’ve already seen people recycling some of the same “wall” jokes and memes (yeah I see you):