Costa Rica Coach Paulo Wanchope Went IN on a Man Roughly 1/3 His Size

Oh no. Not again.

It’s generally inadvisable to punch people (and I was under the impression that this was a pretty standard line of thinking). But for whatever reason– the heat of the moment, el efecto Piojo, the desire to outshine the former Mexico coach whose swift fall from grace came about as a result of punching a TV reporter in the neck– Paulo Wanchope decided to lose his cool and follow suit.

The Costa Rica coach was apparently so infuriated after being denied access to the sidelines at Costa Rica’s U-23 Olympic qualifier against Panama that his brain momentarily failed him.

A push in the back from a short-statured fan was all it took to get him off, and Wanchope nailed the guy with all his force. Really? How is it that a man in charge of a country’s national team has such minimal self control? It’s mind-boggling, but one can only hope that El Piojo hasn’t started a worldwide (or CONCACAF-centric) movement inciting foolish violence out of his counterparts.