Cristiano Ronaldo Shuts Down Interview By Throwing Journalist’s Mic in a Lake

Lead Photo: AP/Christophe Ena
AP/Christophe Ena
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Cristiano Ronaldo has been known to throw a tantrum or two on the field when things aren’t going his way, and so far Euro 2016 hasn’t panned out for him. He failed to capitalize on opportunities in draws against Iceland and Austria, with the clearest being his missed penalty late in the latter match. Hopefully, no one’s told him about Messi’s awesome showings across the Atlantic, because that would only add to his salt levels.

Ronaldo is a fierce competitor and he can’t be happy with his performance or Portugal’s results so far, so you know he’s absolutely dialed in ahead of today’s final group match against Hungary. And maybe that’s why when a reporter from CMTV approached him and asked him how prepared he felt for his upcoming game, Ronaldo took his mic and chucked it into the lake. Or maybe it’s because he has bad blood with the broadcasters. In 2014, he sued them because he felt they had slandered his family, according to Metro.

If that’s the case, then it’s hard to blame him. Check out the video below: