A Mexican Woman Claims She Can Break Cruz Azul’s Championship Curse With Brujeria

Lead Photo: Photo by demachi/iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by demachi/iStock / Getty Images Plus
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Thanks to La Bruja Zulema, brujeria has crossed over into the world of LigaMX. As Cruz Azul flounders towards the bottom of the Mexican league, the bruja conducted a ritual to try to cleanse the evil spirits from the beleaguered club’s aura. Setting up outside of the club’s facilities on Wednesday, Zulema attempted to remove a curse that she says was handed down to Cruz Azul when the team’s directors turned away a desperate soul in need of assistance.

As part of the ritual, Zulema brought along a pig’s head, a hog’s head, coconuts, herbs, and candles, among other tools needed to work her dark magic on the languishing club, so far away from their glory days of decades past.

Cruz Azul hasn’t won a LigaMX title in over 20 years, and haven’t even qualified for the playoffs in the last three. Despite being a powerhouse in the 1970s, recent times have not been kind to the Mexico City club. What better subject for a bit of witchcraft, then? At least that seemed to be Zulema’s thinking, as she said on Wednesday that “[n]o one paid me, I came for me. I want to show that witchcraft exists for things both good and bad.”

As part of her brujeria, Zulema claims her ritual will grant La Machina a win over third-place Chivas this Saturday. However, to guarantee an actual title win (which would surely have to come next season, given Cruz Azul’s current place in the standings), she says that she’ll need to talk to the coaches and players of the club.

For now, the club is keeping quiet, but if they beat the heavily-favored Chivas side on Saturday, maybe brujeria can carry them to their first title in two decades.