This Teenager Just Became the Youngest Female to Surf Peru’s Legendary Big Wave Spot

Lead Photo: Photo by Jose Plaza
Photo by Jose Plaza
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Thirteen-year-old future Peruvian surf champion Daniella Rosas just became the youngest female to surf the big wave spot Pico Alto. You know, that place that boasts 15-foot waves on the regular.

Rosas is a student of former Peruvian world champion surfer Sofia Mulanovich, who became the first South American to ever win a world title in 2004.

Since retiring, Mulanovich and fellow Peruvian surf legend Gabriel Villarán have pioneered the Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich, which aims to take promising Peruvian youth surf talent to the next level by offering them the tools they need to turn dreams into realities. Respect for the ocean, mental preparedness, safety, breathing, equipment, and the ability to analyze conditions are all crucial elements to their work.

When asked about her epic accomplishment, Rosa remained humble: “Peruvians are known for surfing big waves,” she said, “and I am honored to now be amongst them.”

“There were good waves and it was crowded but this gave me the confidence that I could do it,” she went on. Hopefully badass women like Mulanovich and Brazilian Silvana Lima will guide her towards surfing success. “Once I got my first wave all the fears and nerves were gone, and I was excited to get my next one.”

Luckily for us, she’s got years and decades of rides to look forward to.

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