Arsenal’s David Ospina Goofed and Scored on His Own Team

Lead Photo: Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
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During the Arsenal-Olympiakos match today, the Gunners’ Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina lost control of the ball and scored on his own team. Unfortunately for Ospina, Petr Cech is entrenched as the starter, and this is only going to make it harder for Ospina to get games. Ospina’s disappointed face was immediately caught on camera, because they catch everything. ?

It’s not the best day for Ospina. Before this, his fellow Colombian Felipe Gardo scored on him and had a kickass celebration.

Even though they equalized twice, Arsenal were incapable of preventing Olympiakos from earning a shock win at the Emirates Arena, with a final score of 2-3. The Gunners have now lost their first two group stage games in the UEFA Champions League.