Dunga Wants Neymar at Olympics Over Copa Centenario

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Fresh off a trip to Brazil to take part in his sister Rafaella’s Walt Disney-themed birthday festivities, Neymar is back in our brainspace (as if he ever really left.) The latest? According to ESPN, Brazil boss Dunga wants his captain at Rio 2016 this summer. Yep, you know what that most likely means Orlando, Los Angeles and Boston: the Seleção’s joga bonito might be a bit less beautiful with the absence of its captain at the Copa Centenario this June.

“If I have to choose between Copa América and the Olympics, I prefer to see [Neymar] in the Olympics,” Dunga told Brazilian TV channel Esporte Interativo. His preference highlights the importance of gold for Brazil this August, as the hosts look to come out on top in the only relevant tournament that they have yet to win.

Neymar, for his part, is desperate to wreak havoc on opponents in both competitions. But Barça is not required to accept an action-packed summer “vacation” for the crack (can we maybe have our say too?! I know plenty of people – myself included – who are looking forward to watching the Ney show this June).

Dunga is currently in Spain speaking with the star and Barça officials to decide which tournaments he’ll be able to participate in this summer. Take your pick, fam. ? …