El Hijo del Perro Aguayo Dies Due to Injuries During Match vs Rey Mysterio

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Lucha libre suffered a tragic loss early this morning. El Perro Aguayo Jr., also known as El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, died after receiving a fatal kick during a Mexican wrestling match in Tijuana last night.

The leader of the group “Perros del Mal” lost consciousness after being knocked out in a bout with former WWF fighter Rey Mysterio in the Municipal Auditorium in Tijuana.

Disturbing videos spread through social networks, showing El Perro Aguayo Jr. lying unresponsive in the ring when security staff try to get first aid to him. Meanwhile, combat between other fighters continues. [WARNING: videos below are graphic]

Agustin Jr. was a 35 year old cancer survivor, overcoming stomach cancer following a surgery in 2011.

Triple A Commissioner Javier Roldán confirmed the sad news on his Twitter account. He wrote “Our hearts are gripped by grief. Rest in Peace, Hijo del Perro.”