Just a week before the World Cup starts, Mexico’s national team is embroiled in scandal. Outlets are reporting that El Tri held a farewell party in Mexico City on Saturday – the same day the team claimed victory over Scotland at Estadio Azteca – where players were joined by “30 VIP escorts.” TV Nota first reported that nine players – including Memo Ochoa, Carlos Salcedo, Marco Fabian and the dos Santos brothers – attended. The festivities reportedly began at around 10 p.m., with the women arriving between midnight and 2 a.m.

While some may criticize the team for this incident, it seems like Mexican officials won’t sanction players because it took place on their day off. According to Bleacher Report, Guillermo Cantú, the general secretary of the Mexican Football stated, “A free day is a free day and those are the risks that one runs with freedom.”

While some have taken the reports as an opportunity to joke that the team is now bound to win the tournament, others are shaming sex workers – and that’s what’s truly unacceptable.