España Humiliates Italy

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By the last 15 minutes of the Euro Cup game on Sunday, it was already a clear shot who was going to win. The score was 2-0, then 3-0…In the history of the Euro games, a team has never reversed a score of even 2-0. Italy was losing. But no, Spain just had to go in for that last goal, humiliating Italy with a win of 4 to 0. Pobrecitos Italianos… you began to feel a little bad for them. They had to have played strongly against other teams to make it to the championship game, right…?

In a historic moment in soccer, Spain won the Euro Cup 2012, making it their 3rd consecutive win. The Eurocup, I believe, happens every 2 years–which mean they’ve held the title for the last 6 years–wow que equipo! Spain also won the World Cup in 2010.

Right now Spain is the ultimate fútbol team: unstoppable, unbeatable, and downright scary. You won’t only lose to them, you’ll be left humiliated and emasculated as well. Just look at famous Italian player Mario Balotelli after the game on Sunday: