A Superfan Ran Onto the Pitch and Literally Bowed Down to Messi

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Would you have the guts for a pitch invasion, let alone during a high-profile Copa América Centenario semi-final between the U.S. and Argentina? Utter folly or not, superfan Michael Soto did. You can get arrested, charged, banned from future games, or worse, get punched by stewards, security guards, police, and – worst case scenario – even a player.

There is a certain art to running across a field in front of thousands of spectators. It takes nerves and a daredevil approach, though this author can only assume, because he has no expertise in the field.

But when Lionel Messi is involved, the act of dodging security personnel during a Copa match may well be considered a noble endeavor, or so Michael Soto thought. He got up close with the Argentine star after careful scheming. He shared his plans on Twitter and then hit the field.

On the pitch his admiration for Messi was for all to see. He touched Messi’s feet, hugged the player twice and got an autograph – not a bad return for an on-pitch adventure.