Fútbolista Felipe Caicedo is Killing It So Hard Even Ecuador’s President Wants Him to Be President

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If you haven’t been following CONMEBOL qualifying action through matchday four, you’ve been making a huge mistake. A bunch of ridiculous developments have already taken place, the latest of which put a massive smile on all of our faces. Rafael Correa – the actual president of Ecuador – referred to La Tri legend Felipe Caicedo as presidente on Twitter yesterday. Yes, he did.

You gotta love it. After Correa posted the tweet and meme, Caicedo’s club – RCD Espanyol – decided to join in on the fun and responded to the Ecuadorian leader with: “We agree, President! But please leave him with us until March when you return to play!”

Caicedo is on a fantastic run of form. Earlier this week, he scored this stunner in Ecuador’s 3-1 win over Venezuela:

He’s a player most of us know and love, and this good moment has been a long time coming for him. He didn’t fare well in a 24-game stint with Manchester City, scoring just seven goals for the EPL side, and loan spells with Sporting Lisbon, Málaga, and Levante were equally average. Add a couple of years in Russia to the mix and he eventually wound up with the other team from Barcelona, where he currently has 13 goals in 44 La Liga appearances.

There’s no place like soccer Twitter when it comes to quality banter, and you just know that we’ve gotta be close to peaking when we’re reaching as far up the hincha ladder as the president of a competing country.