FIFA Officials Postpone Decision on World Cup Expansion Because They’re All in Prison

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On a drama-filled day for fans of the world’s most beautiful(-ly corrupt) game, FIFA has decided to defer its final decision on World Cup expansion to a later date. While we’d like to believe that this decision comes as a result of intense debate and discussion, it’s probably because most of FIFA is currently sitting in prison.

FIFA presidential candidate and current UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino – with strong support from Asia and Africa – is calling for an additional eight teams in 2026, for a grand total of 40. To put his proposal into perspective, eight teams would equal an additional 32 group-stage games, an extra week of World Cup action, an extra team in each group, and 96 matches total.

What? Hm…Well, at least there’s a whole decade for team physios to figure out how to get their players to compete at the highest level for almost 40 days.

With every passing day, FIFA gives us more reason to believe that it’s the wackiest and most corrupt secret mob organization in the world, operating with its head in the clouds and its feet far from firmly placed on the ground.