Five People More Prepared Than Brazil's Maracana Media Center Security

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

If you haven’t heard yet, Chilean fans were 2 fast 2 furious for Brazil’s Maracana stadium security today; just prior to the Chile vs Spain match, an estimated 100 fans bum rushed the stadium’s media center, knocked down a wall, and caused general mayhem prior to getting apprehended and walk-of-shamed out.

I can’t stop watching the guard who literally just runs around in circles making futile attempts to stop the invading weones. He was not ready for that jelly. In fact, here are five people who were more prepared for stampedes than he was:

1. Simba

2. This Girl

3. This Kid from Jumanji

[insert-video youtube=9hbka8A2yD0]

4. The Security Wall at this Black Friday Urban Outfitters Opening

[insert-video youtube=DigiWS1YhxI]

5. This Guy