Five Ways Chicharito Can Save His Career

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Back in Javier Hernández’s honeymoon days at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson explained his success and quick adaptation by stating in a press conference “the kid just wants to play.”

Unfortunately for Chicharito, Sir Alex retired and Manchester United became a mad house. Last season he barely counted for David Moyes –Fergie’s substitute– and now under Van Gaal’s orders it seems this situation is hardly going to change. Lets face it: ManU is the last place for Javier Hernández to develop as a top player. The damage is done, but there are still some ways to save his career. At the end of the day, el chico sólo quiere jugar. Here are our suggestions:

1. Calcio’s Top Teams

It is true Italian soccer is about defense and garra, but when teams like Juventus and Internazionale ask for Chicharito’s salary it should be understood as a great opportunity. When Italians want a striker, it’s because they really know how to use one. Think about it: Filippo “Offside” Inzaghi is a legend there. Chicharito just needs to score the goals for those 1-0 wins.

2. Some La Liga Mid-Table Team

Chicharito could try a path that proved good for other Mexican players who were on the verge of disappearing from the soccer scene. Racing de Santander and Mallorca were career savers for Gio Dos Santos -now kicking some butts in Villarreal- and Real Sociedad let Carlos Vela become a phenomenal striker who earned the right to be a legitimate spoiled brat. Sevilla, Valencia, Espanyol, Granada and Levante could be the best options for CH14.

3. Replace Landon Donovan at LA Galaxy

Many want Chicharito to succeed in Europe but what if the goleador follows the path of the best American player in history? Donovan decided to stay in the MLS and that didn’t reduce his chances of being recognized as an outstanding player. MLS was his base to lead a soccer nation. Now that Donovan is retiring, Chicharito can be the next king of LA and will be very convenient for El Tri to have him next door.

4. Return to México

There’s no doubt about it: if Chicharito goes back to México he will be el mero mero. The forward will be a regular starter and will have scored more than 200 goals at the end of his career. But don’t get it twisted, a return to México doesn’t mean a comeback to Chivas. This is about saving his career, and dealing with Jorge Vergara is the complete opposite.

5. Stay in Premier League

It’s easy to understand this could be a pride issue, but Chicharito should consider playing for another team in England. England’s actually not that bad. In fact, it’s one of the most balanced leagues in Europe. English soccer is full of stories of early failures and late successes, plus it’s amazing. Chicharito could become an icon for some working class team and from that position he’d be able to show Manchester United how wrong they were about him.