This San Antonio Baseball Team Is Changing Its Name to “Flying Chanclas” for a Tournament

Lead Photo: This image is in the public domain.
This image is in the public domain.
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For nine games, The Missions Minor League Baseball team will be known as the Flying Chanclas de San Antonio. The San Antonio team is adopting the moniker during the Copa de la Diversión, a series meant to make Latino fans welcome.

The name is specifically meant to honor abuelitas. “The club honors the matriarch of the Latino family, the Abuelita, and her symbol of strength, discipline, and love with its on-field persona for this special series of events,” the MiLB site reads. “The chancla has long been symbolic of the Abuelita as she maintains the structure and order of la familia.”

Other names for the tournament include Round Rock Chupacabras, Corpus Christi Raspas, and Brooklyn Jefes. But for some, the Flying Chanclas’ name is unmatched. Check out a few reactions below: