Fox Sports Deserves a Kick to the Nuts For Their Wack Trump Ad

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When TV Azteca used another one of Donald Trump‘s anti-immigrant rants to promote the October 10 U.S.-Mexico match, it was a clever way to change those hateful words into something that highlighted the greatness of the Mexican national team. When Fox Sports used the words, they ended up amplifying Trump’s message.

We certainly didn’t see Trump endorsing Mexico’s video.

Our reaction is that Fox Sports deserves one of these:

COUNTDOWN TO MEXICO VS USAHighlight #3: Ramon Ramirez karate-kicks Alexi Lalas in the groin, as El Tri beat the USMNT 2-0 in the 1997 U.S. Cup.

Posted by FOX Soccer on Monday, August 13, 2012


The video ends with Trump saying “and we will make America great again.” Someone obviously missed that Mexican-American and other Latino athletes have enriched U.S. fútbol; players like Claudio Reyna, Marcelo Balboa, Tab Ramos, Carlos Bocanegra, José Francisco Torres, and Fernando Clavijo have all graced the U.S. national team. And this isn’t even taking into consideration the fan base of the sport.

Unfortunately, Trump’s language toward immigration has emboldened some people’s worst xenophobic and nationalist tendencies. Just look through the replies to Trump’s message, and you’ll find some of the worst of the Internet.

But we don’t want to keep spreading that hate, so here are some tweets from people who know what they are talking about: