Fútbol Star Lionel Messi To Live In Giant Soccer Ball?

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Well, that’s what Spanish architect Luis de Garrido Talavera would love! De Garrido, the sustainable/eco-friendly architect who has designed homes for celebrities such as supermodel Naomi Campbell, recently unveiled plans for a football-shaped home in a football field-shaped plot for Lionel Messi.

The Argentine-born forward with FC Barcelona is currently looking for some permanent digs in Catalonia to rest his cleats in with his girlfriend and son. Enter De Garrido, who has designed a home fit for Messidona. The circular, three-story building features a number of beams that create hexagons on the roof when seen from the air, making the building look like a football  – so Messi can rest his feet in a giant chimbomba after a long day of kicking around a regular-sized chimbomba.

Besides the football motifs and designs, De Garrido also had the idea of duality in mind, what with Messi being hella ambidextrous with his feet. Hence, one half of the property is a giant pool of water while the other half is earth/grass.

There’s been no word from Messi’s camp as to whether or not the home will actually be built. He’s a bit busy recovering from an injury and dealing with some late tax payments.