Hugo Sánchez Just Went In on Louis Van Gaal

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Hugo Sánchez just about exploded on Fútbol Picante earlier this week, accusing Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal of being a “sinvergüenza” and a “mala persona” for the way he treats his players. The blatant disrespect that he visibly displays from the Red Devil bench appears to have reached its peak, definitely enough to make the Real Madrid legend go off.

Of course, Sánchez’s outburst was in reference to van Gaal’s treatment of Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, who in all honesty really didn’t deserve this look after his disastrous failed penalty attempt.

The former Mexican international went on to state that over the course of his time as a director técnico, his number one rule – the most basic level of human decency that one can have as a coach – was that you simply cannot treat your players that way. “I’d go out and applaud my players, letting them know that I trust them. But the fact that he gave Giggs that look…he’s a sinvergüenza,” he said.

Perhaps unsurprisingly (depending on where your allegiances lie), this isn’t the first time that van Gaal has been accused of being a shameless scoundrel of a coach (cue goalie drama).

Step up your game, Louis.