ICYMI: Pedro Martinez Owns Colin Cowherd Before Hall of Fame Induction

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Pedro Martinez, the boss Dominican pitcher who intimidated and outsmarted opponents during his time in the MLB, was inducted to the National Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend. Before being inducted, Pedro had a response to Colin Cowherd, the former ESPN radio host who said baseball couldn’t possibly be complex because a third of the players come from the DR. As expected, Pedro handled it with class and told Cowherd that he can’t sit with him.

Cowherd was probably left as stunned as batters were when faced with the righty’s nasty pitches. But that would be pretty well deserved, if you ask us. On top of having to prove himself as a talented baseball player, Pedro had the added struggle of not understanding American culture. Learn more about his careers highs and lows, and how he made history in our feature Baseball’s Picasso: The Brilliance And Beauty Of Pedro Martínez.